Question: datafakegenerator.com and their contents areillegal?

Answer: :No, all the data are randomly generated, actual data are not used, therefore, it is illegal. The data are generated by taking randomly algorithms and generic data together to create that simulate real data, clarifying that are NOT real, only a SIMULATION. Notably agree not to use the data generated for illegal activities and provide information to the authorities concerned (if requested) to persons or entities abusing the data generated on the site, or ask us through our contact means, the creation of real data.

Question: Can be obtained real data in datafakegenerator.com?

Answer: : No, all the data are randomly generated, real data are not used, or were used, therefore , the answer is NO.

Question: How can the information generated in datafakegenerator.com be used?

Answer: : It depends on the imagination of everyone. datafakegenerator.com Initially conceived as a test data generator for validation and review of registration systems own projects, but we have known that the data generated have been used as fictional characters in novels, Video Games, Internet Identities ( real data protection, etc.). I invite you to tell us through the contact form, how do you have used.

Question: I am doing a registration system and I need more then an identity, it is possible to obtain a database with data generated?

Answer: : of course it is possible, if you need more than one identity, we invite you to visit our Web http://www.mysqlfree.com. where we use the same generation algorithms with the difference that in this website you can select the output format of the data from a MySQL Script, XML, HTML, to TXT, making possible to obtain up to 200 identities by pressing a button.

Question: What technologies are used in datafakegenerator.com?

Answer: : We use only PHP and HTML. We must emphasize a point, we do NOT use databases, algorithms were designed to develop random identities, once created an identity, it is virtually impossible to regenerate the same identity.

Question: : Can i get a copy of datafakegenerator.com code?

Answer: : We regret to say that for now it is not possible, as commercial code datafakegenerator.com is closed source, perhaps in a future will be release it under open source license.

Question: I belong to an Educational institution and i want to know if it is possible to study the code or part of the code?

Answer: : As mentioned earlier, for the moment it is not possible to show the code, however it is possible to study the algorithms, if you need our cooperation to EDUCATIONAL purposes, we can provide the assistance of one of our engineers for free, the per diem will be paid by your own. If this is the case, send us your proposal through the form Contact to follow up.

Question: From where the data provided by datafakegenerator.com come?

Answer: : As we mentioned above, we do not use databases, the data is generated using random conjugates of thousands of numbers or words, therefore, the probability that the data generated corresponding to an actual person are null, in case of telephone numbers are only used international prefix codes of each country, credit cards are just random numbers that are validated by the Luhn algorithm, date and code ccv/ccv2 are just random numbers, algorithm is not used for its creation.

we hope have solved some of your questions, if you have further questions on datafakegenerator.com, we invite you to ask us your questions via the contact form.

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